Discount Codes

Discount Codes

March 14, 2017

Our Mission:
Since 2015 we have been on a mission to provide athletes the fit, feel and professional look they deserve in a dress shirt.  We started State and Liberty after years of frustration trying to find a dress shirt that properly fit our "weird athletic bodies." We set out to change this by creating a dress shirt that provided more room in the upper body with an extremely tailored waist. On top of the fit, our dress shirts are crafted from high-quality athletic performance fabric that is stretchy, moisture-wicking and extremely low maintenance. 

Discount Codes:

While we do not offer sales or individual shirt discounts, we do offer free shipping on your first shirt ordered and we offer bulk discount codes if you are purchasing 3 or more shirts.

Please feel free to use these discount codes on your future orders:

  • Use Code FREESHIP for free shipping on one shirt 
  • Use Code STATEANDLIB3 for 10% off 3 or more shirts
  • Use Code STATEANDLIB5 for 15% off 5 or more shirts  

Thanks so much, and we look forward to getting you hooked up!

Steven & Lee


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Sizing Chart
NOTE ON SIZING: This is an athletic slim shirt intended to fit very tailored - if you prefer a looser fitting shirt, size up from the recommended sizing.