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As fitness becomes an increasingly important aspect of our lives, the demand for high-quality, professional apparel that fits an athletic physique continues to rise. Two terms that often arise are "athletic fit" and "muscle fit." While these terms may seem interchangeable, there are distinctive differences between the two that cater to different types of individuals.


Muscle fit apparel by Tailored Athlete specifically caters to bodybuilders and individuals with a large, well-defined muscular build. It is designed to be worn tight fitting to the body. The fit of muscle fit apparel is much snugger and more body-hugging, than athletic fit with the intention of emphasizing an athletic physique.

This fit showcases a well sculpted physique but may result in a fit that can objectively be described as too tight, resulting in the fabric and buttons having excess pulling resulting in an unprofessional appearance.

On top of this, if the fabric does not have extreme stretch, it can lead to the product being uncomfortable and restricting day to day movement. Due to the tight fit, muscle fit apparel may not be the best choice for anyone who is not a dedicated bodybuilder. 

Both athletic fit and muscle fit exist as great alternatives to the baggy appearance of classic fit shirts on an in-shape physique. When it comes to muscle fit, you really need to have a specific physique to pull off this fit.


Athletic fit menswear by State & Liberty is designed for for a wide range of athletic body types that maintain a toned form by engaging in a wide range of physical activity.

State and Liberty’s “athletic fit” is specifically designed to accommodate those with a broader upper body while maintaining a narrow waist. State and Liberty markets the tagline “if your belly is bigger than your chest, then these clothes might not be for you.”

State and Liberty clothes are designed to be close fittings to the body, showing off the physique of the body without excess fabric or button pulling. The versatility in the fit, specifically the incremental sizing changes, allows for customers to achieve a multitude of fits by simply sizing up or down.

Although not meant for everyone, State and Liberty's athletic fit has proven to accommodate a wide range of body types, from lean soccer players and featherweight UFC fighters to NFL defensive linemen and every athletic figure in between.

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State and Liberty uses only the most durable fabrics with extreme 4-way stretch and an absurdly soft hand feel. The fabrics are moisture wicking, quick to dry, lightweight, odor resistant and do not need to be dry cleaned. The result is a sharp, professional appearance with the feel and properties of your favorite workout shirt.


Professional Appearance

State and Liberty merges sharp style with unmatched comfort. Crafted with industry-leading garments with a tailored, true athletic fit that moves freely, thanks to innovative performance stretch fabrics. No more sacrificing comfort for a professional look.

Designed with structured collars and cuffs, State and Liberty is tried and tested by thousands of professionals and wedding parties alike.

Effortlessly dress to the nines from boardroom meetings to after-work gatherings and everything in between





These shirts are phenomenal. Fit is perfect (I have a broader / stockier build), they're super comfortable, and the quality of the materials is top notch. I plan on buying all of my shirts from State & Liberty from here on out.

Justin D. - Verified Review

Love the shirt. Best athletic fitting shirts out there. A+

Brian - Verified Review

This shirt fits as advertised. Athletic fit, stretchy, but not overly tight if sized properly. 6’4” 222, size up. XXL. Great shirt for work or going out. This is my 3rd S&L, great purchase, highly recommend.

Steve - Verified Reviewer

Love the quality and material of the shirt. Size was the perfect tapered fit.

Derek C. - Verified Review

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