Cocktail Attire for Men

Cocktail Attire for Men

Cocktail attire for men is one of the most popular dress codes and is typically a step below black tie optional. However, a common misconception with cocktail attire for men is that it means wearing formal attire only. While cocktail parties can present a formal theme, cocktail attire for men actually covers a wide spectrum of options - from smart casual to formal wear. Before choosing the appropriate cocktail attire, be sure to know the theme for the party. Showing up in cocktail attire that is overdressed or under-dressed may draw the wrong attention.

When determining what outfit you should wear for your event, it will be helpful to understand the most common types of cocktail attire for men. Business wear is the most common type of cocktail attire for men, which offers the opportunity to show a more personal expression. Another common type of cocktail attire is styled similar to that of a formal event or dinner party wear. Do your best to gauge what the theme of the cocktail party is before you start to choose the perfect outfit.  

The next step to finding your cocktail attire is to identify which item you want to be your statement piece. For cocktail attire that needs to be more on the formal side, the accent piece might be your jacket, shoes, or even a simple pocket square & tie. For cocktail attire that is closer to business wear, a humble dress shirt might be the first step to your attire with the style revolving around your chosen shirt.

After you find your statement piece, the next step for your cocktail attire is to appropriately style around it. The perfect cocktail attire for men is one that is bold, fashionable, and even memorable. If the purpose of the cocktail party is to network or mingle with others, it can be in your best interest to assure that an element of your cocktail attire is memorable and the reason you stand out among the rest. Imagine that you run into an attendee of the cocktail party, and they mention that they remember you as having an amazing blazer. That would be a great way to spark up another conversation!

The final element to remember when crafting the perfect cocktail attire is to familiarize yourself with what not to do. Don’t wear garments that are in dire need of a good dry cleaning. Treat your cocktail attire like you would clothes you would wear to a business meeting or an interview. If your cocktail attire is not presentable, you will not create a good impression. Do not think that your cocktail attire has to be any single look. Remember that cocktail attire might be worn at an evening party or an afternoon gathering, so factoring in the event time is important when choosing the outfit. Either event time would find different cocktail attire to be more suitable.

Making cocktail attire a sub-category in your wardrobe should mean that versatility is still considered. Just like all men’s formal wear, ensuring that your cocktail attire is following a consistent theme with how it fits is important to maintain an aesthetically pleasing look. If the jacket of your cocktail attire has more of
a classic fit, but your pants are extremely fitted with a shorter hem - mixing of themes will surely stand out (not in a good way). 

Now that you have a better idea of what cocktail attire should look like, check out our athletic fit gear to spark inspiration for the perfect cocktail attire for your next cocktail party.


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