Beach Formal Wedding Attire for Men - Explained

Beach Formal Wedding Attire for Men - Explained

At some point, everyone has received the destination invite for a friend's wedding, and it finally happened to you. Whether you are looking forward to an excuse for a vacation or are stressed about the plans, you’ll at some point wonder: what attire do I even wear to a beach formal wedding? Other events that may require this dress code could be a work retreat that has a formal dinner on the ocean. Beach formal attire is not a common dress code you hear for weddings or events, which is why we are here to break it down for you.

Beach formal wedding attire for men is going to be similar to other semi-formal wedding attire with resort casual aspects. This dress code gives you an option to wear more casual fabrics that will feel comfortable for where the event is taking place. The first step should be checking the venue to get an idea of the formality expected in the wedding guest attire and the usual weather for the area (Pro Tip: If there is a wedding website - you should be able to find answers to these types of questions in the FAQ section). A beach wedding in Miami during June is going to be much more humid than if it were on the beach in Portland, Maine. It is imperative to check if it is going to be overlooking the beach or if you will be walking in the sand all night.

Now that you’ve determined where the event is going to be, it’s time to pick out the outfit for your beach formal event. For men, always stick with long-sleeve button-up shirts for beach formal weddings and events and never go for a short-sleeve button-up. You can roll up the sleeves if it’s hot, which is also why sticking with classic barrel cuffs is the best option (french cuffs would be too formal). You will still want to wear a suit but opt for lighter fabrics like seersucker, light blue, light green, khaki, or heathered-light colored suits. Have some fun by wearing a light-colored blazer paired with khaki dress pants. Avoid monochromatic suits in navy, black, or dark grey. If you know it’s going to be very hot and humid at the wedding, wearing a button-up dress shirt with a vest and dress pants is appropriate for men.

Accessories are another important factor for your beach formal wedding attire. Casual close-toed shoes are perfect and get a belt to match them. If you have a beach hat that matches your outfit, a formal beach event is a perfect excuse to bring it out!

Now that you know more about beach formal attire for men, check out our athletic fit gear for a wide variety of options that are perfect for your next beach formal event.


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