Stretch Polo Shirts for the Modern Man

Stretch Polo Shirts for the Modern Man

The polo shirt as we know it today was invented in the mid-1920s by Mr. René Lacoste and strictly designed to be worn for tennis players. Over the years, the details of the polo such as the collars, buttons, placket length and pockets have changed with trends but even with changing styles one thing has remained constant, the polo shirt has been a staple in guys' closets for over 100 years.

One way the polo has evolved over the past couple of years is through the use of stretch fabrics.Designed using our stylish fusion of cotton and spandex, our stretch polos are a sleek and chic addition to your wardrobe. . Now you can wear a stretch polo perfectly built for your athletic, V-shaped physique. These stretch polos are great for a casual lunch out on the town, or even a round of golf with your buddies.

The stretchy, lightweight, moisture wicking material fits your athletic build great, allowing you to move with ease and confidence throughout your day. These stretch polos can be extremely versatile in your closet. To keep you looking sharp, they can be worn under a jacket at a business casual event, or even out on the course playing golf. You will have plenty of opportunities to wear one of our stretch polos.

Unlike the traditional polo, our stretch polos feature a structured collar and a hidden button that will keep your collars standing tall and crisp throughout the day. The machine washable, non-wrinkle material allows your new stretch polo to travel with you wherever you go and whenever you need. From the office to the first tee and everywhere in between, our stretch polo is a must for any guy with an athletic build.

Pair our stretch polos with our form-fitting khakis or shorts while you’re out doing your thing on the weekends. Wear one under our custom-fit suits for a sharp, tailored look. However you wear them, you’ll always wear them well.


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