The Best Athletic Fit T Shirt

The Best Athletic Fit T Shirt

Where would you find the best athletic fit t-shirt? State and Liberty has you covered. The best athletic fit t-shirt provides more room in the upper body with slightly lower armholes and an extremely tailored waist. Darts in the back of the best athletic fit t-shirt pulls the fabric in, eliminating billowing and any excess fabric when tucked in.

This Athletic fit t-shirt is meant to be worn tailored so that it hugs the body and shows off a muscular build. In addition, our athletic fit t-shirt fabric provides 4-way stretch so the t-shirt can be worn snug while providing extreme comfort for everyday movements. We are a company that is on a mission to provide muscular guys with the best, great fitting, professional-looking, athletic fit t-shirt.

“The Standard” and “The Slim” cut t-shirts from the other stores just don’t cut it anymore. An athletic body needs the best athletic fit t-shirt. The best athletic fit t-shirts from State and Liberty solve all these problems, providing more room for the chest and arms and hugging the “v” shape body through the waist. The best athletic fit t-shirts are tailored without the additional cost of big brand custom shirts. On top of that, our athletic fit t-shirts have an insane amount of stretch to provide comfort from the office to the bar and everywhere in between.

Jake Ryan, Former NFL Linebacker

Although professional athletes are ideal for the best athletic fit t-shirt, this should not deter the everyday guy who takes care of his body from wearing these shirts. If a guy has a muscular upper body and his stomach does not hang over his waist, the best athletic fit t-shirt will be ideal. At the end of the day, clothing is just a canvas for the body, and with a true athletic fit, these shirts reward those who put in the extra work to take care of their figure.

If these problems speak to you and you're looking to try out a new athletic fit shirt, check out our first-time customer and bulk discounts.

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State and Liberty athletic fit t-shirts will be your new wardrobe staple. Made for guys with more room in the upper body and a v-shaped body, these athletic fit t-shirts will have you covered in any setting. Shop State and Liberty athletic fit-shirts and upgrade your shirt game.

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