Best Spring Outfit Ideas for Guys

You should be looking forward to changing up your wardrobe this spring, and putting the winter clothes away! This means less you will be wearing less layers, and looking for lighter clothes for your spring outfits. Get ready to hit the golf course with some new athletic fit polos, with performance and moisture wicking fabric you will love this addition to your closet! No more wearing your dark colored winter suits, get ready for wedding season this spring with some lighter color suits. Don’t be complacent with your closet, and get ready for this spring with us!

Lightweight Light Gray or Light Blue Suit:

Do you have trouble keeping your closet up to date with the seasons? If you want to be a well dressed guy, you should have different clothes for the seasons. Keeping up with the seasons is a great sign that your fashion sense is sharp and up to date. You do not want to be the guy wearing his black suit all year round, making it seem like it is your only option. Your closet should have options with lighter suits in it for the spring/summer seasons. These lighter colors will allow your outfit to pop during the warmer months. These lightweight light gray or light blue suits are perfect for weddings, rehearsal dinners, or work events. State & Liberty not only has lightweight fabric to keep you comfortable, but are also moisture wicking suits to keep you extremely comfortable!

Athletic Fit Stretch Tech Chino Pants:

Finding a pair of comfortable pants can be difficult for guys. Most guys have a hard time shopping for pants, because they are either very dressy and uncomfortable or they are very casual and sloppy looking. All guys are looking for a pair of versatile pants to have in their closet. There is nothing better than having multipurpose pants, for example a pair of pants you can wear to the office or on the golf course with your buddies. Made with performance fabric, these pants have the perfect amount of stretch to them allowing you to be extremely comfortable. This spring you will want a pair of lightweight stretch fit pants to keep you cool, great for any occasion! These moisture wicking fabrics will keep you dry even on the warmest days ahead. You will not regret adding these to your wardrobe!


When looking to put together the best spring outfit for guys, you are going to need some go-to polo shirts. Nothing beats a classy looking polo shirt with a nice structured collar that can be worn for many different events. Whether you want to wear it to the office or on the golf course, for this reason you cannot have any big unprofessional looking logos. At State & Liberty you will not need to worry about these tacky logos. For the warmer seasons fabric is extremely important when shopping, our performance fabric polos are lightweight and moisture wicking perfect for this spring. When us guys need to be a little more professional this polo is also great to layer with a quarter zip or blazer. These fabrics will keep you extremely comfortable no matter what the occasion might be this spring!


Dress Shirts:    

It can be difficult to stay comfortable while dressing up, especially in the warmer months of the year. Do not sacrifice comfort this spring when shopping for your dress clothes. You will no longer have to worry about sweating through your heavy fabric non breathable dress clothes this spring. It is time to add some State & Liberty athletic stretch fit dress shirts to your wardrobe for these warmer months. These wrinkle free moisture wicking shirts have the ability to keep you cool and dry on the warmest days this spring. With a variety of colors and patterns you are bound to find whatever you are looking for. With a structured collar and cuffs these dress shirts can be worn for all different occasions, also look great when layered with a jacket or quarter zip!


Field Jacket:

Even during spring and the warmer months, it is important to have a lightweight jacket ready just in case. Just in case for the colder or rainy days this spring, you are going to want to be prepared with a lightweight, water repellent jacket for your outfit. With stretch fit material, also with adjustable straps inside you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit. This stretch fit material is great for an athletic build, and will give you the perfect amount of stretch to feel no restrictions at all! Built with a high collar, patch pockets, as well as button closures this stylish jacket is great for all occasions. This will be a jacket you will not want to take off whether you are inside or outside.



It is time to get your closet ready and dialed in this spring. Add some lighter colors to your wardrobe, lighter colors suits are a necessity for a wedding this spring. Put away your heavier winter clothes and get some lighter weight moisture wicking fabrics that will help you stay comfortable this spring. You can never have enough multipurpose polo shirts in your closet, perfect for a business casual meeting or a round of golf with your buddies. Unfortunately it will not be sunny every day, just in case it may rain this spring, the Field Jacket is a great fitted option to keep you dry! Stay comfortable this spring without sacrificing style, State & Liberty will be your perfect one stop shop.