Crafting The Best Winter Outfits for Guys

Crafting The Best Winter Outfits for Guys

It’s no secret that finding the best winter outfit for guys is different from all other seasons. In the winter you need to worry about layers feeling bulky and sweating when you go from outdoors to inside, all while trying to look stylish. One of the ways to deal with the complexity of winter outfits is by finding clothing that’s crafted from breathable material, so you can comfortably wear layers without overheating or feeling like you are wearing too many clothes. At State & Liberty we are committed to helping guys of all ages look stylish while being comfortable, and our performance fabric clothing has a tailored athletic fit so you can pair your favorite dress shirt with an overcoat without sacrificing comfort for style. Now, let’s discuss some important clothing pieces that can help you craft the best winter outfit for guys.

Open Button Overcoat

Overcoats are becoming increasingly popular because they help make any outfit look professional. However, most traditional overcoats are too heavy or bulky and can make you look less on-trend than you’d like. It’s a catch 22 - wear an overcoat to look professional, but feel less stylish and comfortable. With this in mind we built our overcoat with a 4-way stretch that allows you to move freely with no restrictions. Some people like to wear the collar up while others prefer down, but whatever your preference we’ve designed our overcoats with a threat collar so you can wear yours however you like, depending on your style and the occasion. Obviously overcoats are meant to provide warmth, but what happens when you walk into a party and don’t want to take off the coat right away because you like the layered look? Our overcoat is designed from breathable, performance fabric so it can be worn inside as a blazer, and we’ve heard from many people that wearing our overcoats inside will generate tons of compliments that will make you feel even more confident. Layer the overcoat with other athletic fit products such as a quarter-zip or turtle neck to complete the look, but if all your clothing is made from performance fabric you’ll never have to worry about sweating or feeling bulky. Whether you are going to a company event, traveling, or just dressing up for a night out, a State & Liberty overcoat can help complete any look and is the perfect addition when trying to find the best winter outfit for guys.

Athletic Fit Turtleneck

It is important for us guys to stay on top of the newest looks and trends to stay looking sharp. Turtlenecks have had highs and lows in the men's fashion industry. Most people think turtlenecks are outdated and only seen worn by their parents in old photos, but trends come and go and turtlenecks are on the rise once again. A nice fitting turtleneck can be a very versatile addition to your closet, and worn for many occasions. Our mock turtleneck is great for layering and to help you stay up to date with the latest fashion trends. If you are getting bored wearing the same thing to every party or event, it is time to push your fashion limits and give this look a try! Most guys are complacent and end up wearing the same thing over and over, this winter is a great time to test new styles and outfits! This will look great on its own or if you would like to layer it with one of our blazers or overcoats. Not only will you look sharp, our athletic stretch fit fabric will keep you extremely comfortable. This turtleneck is made with peruvian cotton and spandex, which gives it a very cozy and stretch fit feeling to it.

Stretch Suit

It is very important to have a different variety of suits in your closet. Nobody wants to be seen wearing the same suit at every function or wedding. It is important to mix it up and take some time to find a new look that could become a new favorite! Do you have a go-to suit to wear during the winter season? This should consist of a thicker material, and classic look. If you want to be considered a “well dressed” guy, you need to have at least a few different suit options depending on the seasons. Not enough guys dress to match the seasons, and winter is where you can push your limits. You need a classic looking subtle suit in your closet for the colder months, which should consist of a darker color or pattern. As well as looking sharp, you are going to want to stay warm and be comfortable. This is why you should be very conscious about what your suit is made of, in particular you would benefit from having a suit made with wool. Our Blue-Plaid athletic fit stretch suit is a perfect winter suit for your closet. For nights when a full suit is not necessary, wearing the blazer alone is also a great option to match the occasion!

Casual Button Downs    

Some guys may have trouble finding a balance between too dressy or too casual. It's important to find a nice middle ground to avoid looking sloppy or underdressed. Do all of the button downs in your closet need to be tucked in, in order to look good? They shouldn't. Having a nice, thicker casual button down is a perfect option for this winter season. No need to tuck it in, this looks great when going for a more casual look. This will quickly become a go-to shirt you will not want to take off. A perfect shirt to wear to the bar or out to dinner, but also sharp enough to wear for a christmas or holiday party! You will have many opportunities to wear this very versatile casual flannel button down. These shirts are extremely breathable and made from performance fabric, giving you a great stretch fit. You may just want to wear it around the house because you will love the fit and feel to it!

If you are a guy looking to find the best winter outfit then it’s time to push your fashion limits and stay up with the newest trends. No need to wear the same boring outfits to every event, it's time to start turning some heads this winter. You will not regret getting comfortable in your new athletic fit clothing this winter!


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