Custom Suits for Men: Are Custom Suits Worth It?

Custom Suits for Men: Are Custom Suits Worth It?

Remember the excitement of buying your first official suit? No doubt you thought you were going to walk out of the store thinking you were going to look like James Bond. Guess what, you didn’t. The sleeves of the jacket were probably too long, the jacket itself too bulky, the pants likely didn’t quite fit right, and let’s be honest, did you really know what you were looking for? Knowing what to look for when buying a suit or what questions to ask can be intimidating and the trends are always changing. To solve this dilemma, maybe you’ve thought about taking it to the next level and buying a custom suit. Every man thinks and dreams about someday owning a custom suit, and it is with good reason, putting on an article of clothing that is specifically made for you is a special thing.

The truth is, there are lots of great reasons why you should take the plunge into the world of tailored custom suits. One, you will definitely get the right fit, meaning no more guessing games about inseams and hems or how loose or tight the suit will be. Second, the quality will be far and away better than anything you could ever find off the rack, meaning in the long run, you’ll actually spend less money, because the suit will go the distance and then some. Third, a bespoke suit allows you to make a statement about who you are. From the type of lapels you prefer to the stitching, to the number of pockets, custom suits give you permission to express your individuality. Finally, having tailored custom suits will save you time. Never again will you have to hopelessly wander the aisles of a department store searching for something in your size that looks good. Not only will you get back hours of wasted time, you will know exactly what you’re getting, when it will come, and how it will look.

The best thing about wearing custom suits is just that – they are tailored specifically to your style, your preferences, and your body type. And when you have an athletic, V-shaped physique, wearing a suit that adheres to your form means not only will you have a better overall fit, you’ll also get an extra boost of confidence because of how good you look. You’ve spent the time and energy building an incredible body, so you should show it off. Think of it this way: custom suits are another investment that you’re making in yourself.

Let’s face it. Even though Casual Fridays are a thing, we will always need good, quality suits in our closets. Whether you have a job interview, a meeting with an important client, a wedding to attend, or maybe you’re taking your lady out on the town, you need a suit. Having custom suits at your disposal means you’ll be ready for any occasion.  

Did you know that State & Liberty has retail stores across the country? In addition to ordering online, you can visit any of our retail locations to get started on adding custom suits to your wardrobe today! The perfect fit is closer than you think.