Moisture Wicking Dress Shirts

Moisture Wicking Dress Shirts
Performance, moisture wicking dress shirts are quickly becoming extremely popular among professionals males for the functionality and comfort that they offer. Enjoy! 

The story always starts the same and is one every guy can relate to: a simple thought that creeps into your mind and it slowly begins to haunt you. Eventually, you are helpless and you have no choice but to turn to the person next to you and mutter this awful question, “is it kind of hot in here, or is just me?" You are looking for validation to put you at ease, but we all know that the moment those words come out of your mouth, it's over. You are in your own head. Next comes that the first bead of sweat, and depending on where you sweat the most, it may come from the brow, back and of course, the armpits. From there it is full on panic and the result is inevitable, you are minutes from sweating through your clothes. 

Sweating is human nature - it is essential to keeping our body temperature regulated and to keep us from overheating. If you are warm, you are going to sweat, it is just how it goes and something we all deal with. 

The 'Back Sweater': Traditional Cotton vs. State & Liberty

In 1996, Under Armour set out to create athletic wear crafted out of moisture wicking fabric. This fabric would not prevent you from sweating but was designed to defend the sweat and help athletes perform once the sweating has started. As we all know, moisture wicking fabric would eventually be the choice of all athletes (and those that made athletic wear) making cotton obsolete in the space. 

Soon after Under Armour came Lululemon, who started making female yoga pants out of moisture wicking fabrics. Lulu eventually expanded from yoga pants into everyday clothing made from these fabrics essentially creating the not enormously popular "athleisure" space. 

Every day, millions of professional men are on the move and getting into situations where they are inevitably going to sweat. The typical, outdated cotton dress shirts are just fueling this chaos.  So why has it taken so long for someone to create moisture wicking dress shirts? It is unclear, but in 2015 State and Liberty set out on a mission to create a professional looking, athletic fitting, moisture wicking dress shirt. It is safe to say that the days of sweating through cotton dress shirts all day are over - the perfect dress shirt is here! 

So how do moisture wicking dress shirts work? Just like a candle draws wax up the wick to the flame, moisture wicking fabric pulls moisture from the body to the exterior of the shirt where the moisture can disperse and evaporate more easily. These special fabrics are made mostly from polyester blends that do not retain moisture like natural fabrics, such as cotton. 

Although these dress shirts are much lighter in weight and have temperature regulating properties, they are not going to stop you from sweating. However, once you do start sweating, these dress shirts are going to defend against that sweat so you carry on with your day with supreme comfort and top performance. 

If you are one of the millions of guys out there that are currently wearing a dress shirt that is not performing at the level you deserve, then it is time to upgrade your dress shirt game and check out State and Liberty dress shirts.