Performance Stretch Jackets with an Athletic Fit

Performance Stretch Jackets with an Athletic Fit

Ask any guy dedicated to his fitness regime about the perfect performance stretch jacket for his workouts during the cooler months, and you’ll likely get an earful about how there’s no such thing. Typically, the so-called athletic fit jacket is too bulky, too thin, too hot, not warm enough and just flat-out doesn’t move with your body. If you have an athletic physique, what you really need when working out is a stretch jacket, something that conforms to your shape and moves when you move. Not a bunch of ugly, cumbersome, blazing hot jackets that inhibit your workout – and you.

At State & Liberty, we cracked the code on understanding that an athletic body needs an athletic fit dress shirt. Naturally, the man who’s devoted to the upkeep of his physique needs a high performance stretch jacket that can go the distance with him during the most grueling of workouts in the most demanding of conditions. Frankly, the time for a stretch jacket designed specifically for an athletic body was long overdue.  

At State & Liberty, we don’t believe the athletic body should be stuck with some big, baggy golf shirt that billows around you like a flag or a too-tight polo that you feel like you’re going to bust out of any minute. That’s why we designed a true athletic fit golf shirt crafted from extremely stretchy fabrics. Our performance golf shirts and polos are designed to conform to the V-shaped physique, highlighting the muscles you’ve spent hours sculpting. Not to mention, showing off your killer golf swing while swagging out in one of our performance golf shirts, because isn’t that kind of the point?

Our performance jackets are water repellant and windproof, the outer shell and lining a mix of polyester and spandex, resulting in a lightweight, moisture-wicking, breathable fit that moves with you. The technical down fill of our athletic fit jacket allows for warmth and stretch all at once and the fit is intended to fall at the hips, giving you a sleek, professional look. From squats to lifts, the basketball court to snow golf (yup, that’s a thing), this is a performance stretch jacket tailor-made for the athlete who’s always on the go. 

Why is it so important for an athlete to have an athletic fit jacket in his wardrobe? Because the needs of an athletic body are way different from a non-athletic physique. The hallmark of an athletic body is its “V” shape – super muscular chest and arms and flat stomach, tapering down to a small waist. The standard performance stretch jacket just isn’t roomy enough to accommodate the extra space that a big, strapping guy needs in his clothes. And forget buying something smaller to fit your waist, because now, everything is too tight against your upper body. We solved all of that by giving you a stretch jacket that looks and feels good during your workouts. After all, clothes should make you look and feel amazing. Not like you raided your dad’s closet.

Adding a State & Liberty stretch jacket to your wardrobe will completely change the way you think about your workouts. We know you’re already excited to hit the jogging trail or get in a round of snow golf (yup, still a thing), but once you slip into this performance jacket, you’ll feel free. Your confidence and your comfort will skyrocket. And after all, you haven’t spent all these years building an incredible physique just to hide it behind oversized clothes, or be embarrassed by too-tight tops. Show it off and feel good doing it. You’ve earned it.  


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