Short Sleeve Dress Shirts with Athletic Stretch

Short Sleeve Dress Shirts with Athletic Stretch

Short-sleeve stretch dress shirts are here! State and Liberty is known for having a sharp, athletic look for all occasions. When you think short sleeve button down dress shirts you may think of Tommy Bahama or cruise wear, not anymore. Short-sleeve stretch dress shirts can now be the most versatile piece in your closet. This shirt now gives you the ability to keep it casual or even wear it with your suit. These short-sleeve stretch dress shirts are built for the athletic, V-shaped physique, now with the ability to let the arms breathe!

What makes our short-sleeve stretch dress shirts great? They’re crafted from our elegant and exclusive blend of cotton and spandex, resulting in a smooth, soft, and comfortable shirt. The stretchy, lightweight, moisture wicking material seamlessly fits your athletic build, allowing you to move with ease and confidence throughout your day. Perfect to wear on a summer afternoon, or a night out on the town. Our short-sleeve stretch dress shirts can also be worn underneath a suit, making it a breeze to slip in and out of your jacket without worrying about your sleeves bunching up.

These short-sleeve stretch dress shirts look great whether they are tucked in or not! Built to be worn in any setting, and guaranteed to make you look sharp. The machine washable, non-wrinkle material allows these shirts to travel well wherever you go. You won’t regret adding a few short-sleeve stretch dress shirts to your closet!


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