Best Styles of Men’s Coats

Best Styles of Men’s Coats
Styles of Mens Coats

If you are looking for a new coat, look no further! Here at State and Liberty we have many different styles of mens coats, you are bound to find what you are looking for. Not only are our coats designed to look stylish, but we pride ourselves on comfort as well. Our stretch fit polyester lining is built to keep you comfortable, in whichever coat you may choose. From our Down Puffer Coat that is built for the coldest climates or our lightweight water resistant field jacket, we have you covered. For a more professional look, we have our open button overcoat, which also has many different color options for you. Here we will give you the different style coats we have available for you!

Down Puffer Coat

The Down Puffer Jacket that we sell will guarantee you stay warm this winter! This highly insulated and windproof heavyweight jacket is meant for cold climates. Not only will this keep you warm, but you will be very comfortable with the stretch fit lining inside of the jacket. A special feature of this jacket is the faux fur lined neck and the removable hood. This will give you the ability to have a couple different looks when owning this jacket.

Down Bomber Jacket

Our Down Bomber Jacket is crafted similar to our Puffer Coat. Very nicely insulated with windproof material, built to keep you warm in cold climates. This jacket is a little more lightweight than our heavy puffer coat. Also giving you a great stretch fit inside constructed with polyester and spandex fabrics. Also having the faux fur lined neck to keep you warm. This jacket has a great stretch to it leaving you with room to move and stay comfortable. We have this bomber jacket availabe in both black or navy.

Open Button Overcoat

Our open button overcoat is one of our more professional looking coats. Also made with our signature athletic stretch fit, to help fit your athletic build. This jacket is more of a lightweight overcoat but still definitely capable of keeping you warm all fall and winter. The collar is built to give you the option to either fold it down or be worn up, making it versatile. This is our more dressy option for our coats, with the ability to keep you warm while also looking very professional.

Field Jacket

Our Field Jacket is lightweight and stylish, with a 4-way stretch fabric allowing maximum comfortability for you. An interesting feature of our field jacket is the ability to adjust the sizing with straps that are located inside the jacket. This gives you the ability to make it a perfect fit to your body. This jacket is great for all weather conditions, but is extremely water resistant making it great for rainy days. Along with all of our other coats, our field jacket will also give you the ability to not only look sharp but more importantly stay comfortable.


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