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What is your wedding pricing structure?

One of the biggest advantages of going with us for your wedding is you and your party can receive our gear at a massive discount that is not available anywhere else. You and your party will be able to chose the appropriate fitting type that will provide the best fitting outfits at the most cost effective price. Based on the size of your party, a flat discount will applied to your order - see below for details:

• If there are 4 or more people in your wedding party: 25% Off
• If there are 8 or more people in your wedding party: 30% Off
• Accessories: Included in the % off according to your wedding party numbers.

To view our fitting types and what is included, please visit our Types of Fitting section. Tier 2 Made to Order fittings are the most common fitting type for wedding parties that ensures the best fitting garments at the most cost-effective price. It is also common to mix and match fitting types, for example: choosing a Tier 1 Made To Measure blazer with an Off The Rack pair of pants.

Note For The Groom: On top of our large wedding discount provided for our wedding customers, the groom will receive a free additional outfit for choosing State and Liberty for their big day.

What are the prices for wedding outfits?

Below are our wedding prices that are pre-calulated to include the discount based on the size of your party. Prices diplayed do not include tax.

Product Type Off The Rack Tier 2: Made to Order Tier 1: Made to Measure

Full Suit
(4+ Party | 8+ Party)

$440 | $410

$515 | $480

$600 | $560

Full Tuxedo
(4+ Party | 8+ Party)

$490 | $455

$600 | $560

$675 | $630

Suit Blazer
(4+ Party | 8+ Party)

$338 | $315

$382 | $357

$431 | $403

Suit Pant
(4+ Party | 8+ Party)

$102 | $95

$132 | $123

$170 | $158

Dress Shirt
(4+ Party | 8+ Party)

$72 | $67

$94 | $88

$113 | $105

Tuexdo Jacket
(4+ Party | 8+ Party)

$375 | $350

$448 | $418

$488 | $455

Tuxedo Pant
(4+ Party | 8+ Party)

$113 | $105

$150 | $140

$188 | $175

(4+ Party | 8+ Party)

$94 | $88

$169 | $158

$188 | $175


*A limited selection of our fabrics may be priced higher.


Accessories Product Type 25% off (4+ Party) 30% off (8+ Party)

Woven Silk Tie



Silk Bow Tie



Perforated Leather Belt



Casual Stretch Belt



Pocket Square



Cuff Links



Tuxedo Studs






How far in advance should I place my order?

We recommend getting orders placed about 6 months before the wedding, but we require all wedding orders to be placed at least 14 weeks prior to the wedding date. This timeline will ensure that we have plenty of time to provide a great fitting product while leaving time for any additional alterations or second fittings, if needed.

Wedding Date Note: If your wedding is within 14 weeks, we can still provide you a tier 1 or tier 2 order for your wedding depending on our lead times. However, you will not qualify for the discounted pricing or our concierge service. At any point, you can order off the rack gear and we will happily extend our wedding discount with a personalized code for your party to order in-store or online.

What is the State and Liberty wedding concierge service?

On top of our product, we guarantee the service and experience you will receive by our team will be unrivaled. You will have a dedicated wedding and retail team that will be with you every step of the way - from designing the outfits, coordinating the fittings, providing updates, and making sure you and your party look great for the big day.
Note: We do rely on the groom of the party to keep their guys on track and make sure everyone has the correct items for the wedding. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure everyone has a great fitting suit for the wedding, but we will not hunt your wedding down if they are not cooperating with our initial messages.

Does State and Liberty offer rentals?

We do not offer rentals. We believe an investment in a great fitting suit is much more practical than renting a poorly fitted suit for more than half the price.

Why should I choose State and Liberty?

Not only do we provide gear that will keep you dry and comfortable on the big day, but we guarantee a perfect fit - between our retail locations, home try-on program, and measure-from-home techniques, we are committed to nailing the perfect fit for all wedding party members. Along with our incredible products, we pride ourselves on our customer service. Throughout the process, we communicate with you to ensure all of the clothing arrives in a timely manner and you and your party are all satisfied with the fit of the outfits.

Can I sign up for a wedding in one of your store locations?

Yes, our store team members are equipped to get your wedding process started by having you sign our wedding contract and connecting you with our weddings team to complete the rest of the sign up process for your party.

To book a wedding consultation in-store, please visit our stores page.

What do I get as the Groom for going with State and Liberty?

On top of our large wedding discount provided for our wedding customers, the groom will receive a free additional outfit of products chosen for the wedding by going with State and Liberty for their big day.

Note: This is only for parties that fall within our wedding party sizes and this suit is in addition to the purchases made by the groom and does not serve a replacement of a purchased item.


What are my responsibilities as the Groom?

Get Your Party Fit - Get the fitting process started immediately for you and your groomsmen - do not procrastinate! This is the single most important factor to a smooth wedding process.

Follow up with your groomsmen to make sure they schedule an appointment to get fit either in-store or through our virtual fitting process.

Stay On Your Party - Check in with your groomsmen to ensure they are responding to our emails in a timely manner, including checking their spam folder.

Make sure your groomsmen understand the virtual process - when they receive products from us, they must try it on immediately and follow our email instructions carefully.

Reach out to each groomsman to remind them to try on their final wedding outfit right when it lands to ensure it fits and the style details match what you picked for your party.

Note: Failure to comply with our wedding and fitting timelines can have serious repercussions on how your party looks your wedding day.

How do I sign up my groomsmen?

Once you are in contact with our weddings team, they will send over a form for you to complete for each of your groomsmen. They will automatically go into our system under your wedding party name and begin to receive emails relating to your wedding and getting started with their fitting.

Why do I have to sign a wedding contract to move forward with State and Liberty?

Providing you and your groomsmen with a great fitting product in a timely manner is something we take very seriously. Signing our wedding contract is a crucial step to ensuring you and your party are taking this process just as seriously. Our contract also clearly lays out our guidelines and expectations during the wedding process to ensure there are no misunderstandings.

How do I ensure that all my groomsmen select the same items and event date?

When you sign up each individual groomsman into our system, they will automatically be associated with your wedding party and event date. Under the wedding party file, we will have the details associated with the order they are supposed to place based on the outfit details you have chosen with our wedding team or in-store team members.

Can I check on the status of each participant?

You can request a status update at anytime by emailing our wedding team ( to receive a full update on your party. You will also be notified if any groomsmen fall behind on their fitting schedule throughout the wedding process.

Can I pay for some or all of my participant's orders?

Yes, you would let our weddings team know how you would like to pay at the beginning of the process, and we can help take care of invoicing. S&L will help you purchase gift cards to send to your groomsmen for them to use at checkout. You can pay for all orders, partial payments for the groomsmen, or none of the groomsmen’s orders. This information will live in your wedding party file as well.

When do I pick my outfit

We highly recommend choosing details that we provide with our off the rack offering and solidifying the details of your party’s outfits at the beginning of this process. This will avoid any confusion with participants coming into the store individually once they are in our system.

You can choose the details with the help of our weddings team or in store. In the interim, you can view our collections below:

Stretch Suit Collection
Stretch Dress Shirt Collection
Stetch Dress Pants
Stretch Vests


What is a Tier 1 Made To Measure fitting?

• We will use 30+ sizes as a base to build a made-to-measure garment to the styling and sizing specifications of the customer.

• Customers can access 50+ different stretch fabrics that S&L offers and completely customize the details of their outfit including button colors, stitching, and liners that are outside of our off the rack offerings.

• We will cover any minor alterations that need to be done to the first cut garments.

• If a customer cannot make it into a store for a second fitting, S&L will reimburse the customer with store credit for their tailoring cost (with proof of receipt).

What is a Tier 2 Made To Order fitting?

• Tier 2 Made to Order fittings are the most common fitting type for wedding parties that ensures the best fitting garments at the most cost-effective price.

• Customer will be able to order one of our 30 + fit garment sizes, including our standard off-the-rack sizing

• The only measurements that the customer can change on made to order item(s) are blazer length and blazer sleeve length.

• Customers can access 50+ different stretch fabrics that S&L offers and completely customize the details of their outfit including button colors, stitching, and liners.

• Any style and detail changes outside of our off the rack offering will be considered a Tier 2 Made to Order fitting.

• Once the products land, the member of the party will be 100% responsible for all potential tailoring that needs to be done to the garments.

Note: If a party member does not fit into our made to order fit garments, they will need to upgrade to a Tier 1 Made to Measure fitting type.

What is a Virtual Fitting?

• A virtual fitting is the most common type of fitting for party members that cannot make it into a store. A dedicated sizing specialist will work with the party member to get as much sizing information as possible.

• We will send “trial fit garments” to the party member that we will use as a base size to build their Tier 2 garments. We will work with the party member to recommend sizing changes to the try on garment and make the necessary alterations to the party member's liking.

• Due to the process being virtual, we will provide the best possible fit without taking any risks to the measurements. Once the products land, the member of the party will be 100% responsible for all potential tailoring that needs to be done to the garments.

• All virtual fittings are considered a Tier 2 fitting.


How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment online or by calling or emailing the weddings team (

Do I need to book an appointment to get fit for my wedding outfit?

Yes, you will need to book an appointment for your fitting to ensure our team is prepared for your fitting. To book an appointment, visit our stores page.

Failure to show up on time for your scheduled appointment may result in a delay in your fitting when you arrive or a rebooking to a new day.

How soon should I book my fitting?

We recommend booking your appointment as soon as possible to ensure you can get fit and your order placed before the deadline for the wedding party.

Do I need to bring anything to my fitting

We suggest bringing in the shoes you plan to wear for the wedding date. Otherwise, we have everything else that is needed in-store.

Can I schedule a group fitting for my groomsmen?

Yes - we encourage group fittings! We will coordinate with your party and your local store to get your fitting scheduled. We will schedule the fitting outside of our peak business hours to ensure we can provide you with our full attention and make sure everyone is taken care of. We typically schedule group fittings any day of the week and weekends outside of the 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM window. We ask that any group larger than 8 guys be split into two fittings.

What can I expect during my fitting?

Our store team members will be sizing you in one of our 30 sizing garments to configure your standard base size. From there, We will take measurements and photos to help determine the best fit for you.

How many people can I bring to my fitting?

This depends on the size of your local State and Liberty store. Typically, we never like to have more than 8 people in for a fitting at one time and would greatly appreciate splitting up the fitting if you do have more than 8 people attending the fitting.

What happens if I am passed my fitting deadline?

If you are passed your fitting deadline (less than 14 weeks out from wedding date), you will no longer qualify for State and Liberty's wedding discount. Missing the fitting deadline will result in us not being able to guarantee that we can deliver a “second cut” to someone in your party if they have an issue with their initial garments. We will work with your party to provide alternative solutions but falling behind the timelines in the contract can severely impact our ability to provide the best fitting product in a timely manner.

Note: Failure to comply with our wedding and fitting timelines can have serious repercussions on how your party looks your wedding day.


How do I start the virutal fitting process?

Once you and your party are in the system, you will be prompted to fill out a virtual sizing form to kick off our virtual fitting process. Once filled out, we will send an invoice for the items and once that invoice is paid, we will ship out trial fit garments to begin your fitting process.

What do I do once I receive my items in the mail?

You will be receiving a follow up email from our team regarding the fit of your trial garments. If you love the fit of your gear, please let us know and we can wrap up your virtual fitting for the wedding. However, if your gear isn't fitting perfectly, we ask that you email us photos of yourself in the gear so we can make recommendations on your sizing from there.

Do I keep the items I received in the mail?

Once you confirm your trial garments fit well, we will advise on what items you are approved to keep and what needs to be sent back in order to guarantee you match the rest of the wedding party.

What if the items I receive don’t fit me?

If the items that you receive do not fit, the party member will need to reach out to immediately. We will request detailed information for the party member to provide us so that we can provide them with new trial sizing garments.

Why am I receiving an invoice with the wrong color?

You will be sent an invoice for trial garments that may not match the wedding party as we do not keep ready to use stock of all of our suit fabrics. Once you confirm the sizing of the trial garments, we will order your suit with the correct color with the discussed alterations.


How is my blazer supposed to fit?

While the fit of the blazer is completely up to you, we recommend that it is fitted and snug to the body. Please see the below video of the recommended fit of how to wear our blazers.

How are my pants supposed to fit?

While the fit of the pants are completely up to you, we recommend them to fit snug and tapered through the calf and ankle. We recommend a half break (or half a fold) in the bottom of your pants, but length is completely the preference of the customer.

Can I get my items tailored?

Once you confirm you have your correct items with the correct details for your wedding party, you can get your items tailored locally or we can recommend a tailor we work with at each of our store locations.

Does State and Liberty cover tailoring for my items?

State and Liberty does not cover tailoring alterations for wedding customers who choose off the rack or made to order items. Tailoring is only available with specific alterations for Tier 1 fittings.

My items don't fit. What do I do?

If you or someone in your party is not satisfied with the fit, we ask that you email immediately so we can provide solutions to achieve a better fit. We will send very detailed instructions of exactly what we need to get more information on your fit concerns. From there you will work with a sizing specialist to make sure you are satisfied with the fit.


Please sign up for a call below to lock in a time with one of our wedding consultants. On our call, we will review our wedding packages, pricing, timelines, and our full-service wedding experience - it should take about 10 - 15 minutes! We are looking forward to getting your crew dialed in.